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Projek baru Sungai Soi

Prima Tropical – Sungai Soi Baru 9, Kuantan

Introducing Prima Tropical – your gateway to luxurious living in Kuantan. These exquisite single-storey semi-detached homes offer a grand building size of 52′ x 29.5′, providing ample space for your family’s comfort. This semi-D come with a parking area of 24’7″ x 17’8″, accommodating up to 3 cars, convenience is at your doorstep. Embrace the freedom of freehold and open title ownership, coupled with a generous land size ranging from 4,693 to 5,780 square feet. Located in the desirable Lorong Sungai Soi Baru 9, Prima Tropical promises a life of opulence and convenience. Experience the pinnacle of refined living in Kuantan – welcome to Prima Tropical.

Experience luxurious living at its finest with Prima Tropical. Discover exquisite single-storey semi-detached homes boasting spacious interiors, a freehold title, and a convenient location at Lorong Sungai Soi Baru, Kuantan. Explore the epitome of comfort and style in these homes designed to elevate your lifestyle. Learn more about the features and availability by clicking HERE. Elevate your living with Prima Tropical today!